Red Hat Software Asset Management (SAM)


Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice incorporating a set of proven processes and procedures for managing the discovery of software assets, the capture of subscription entitlements and the optimization of an organization's software usage and compliance situation. Implementing SAM protects our customer software investments and helps them control inventory through accurate databases, which in turn helps identify organizational software needs.

Lack of SAM causes problems

  • Paying too much for software
  • No clear visibility into the software across IT estate
  • Increasing frequency of software vendor audits
  • Complex licensing agreements
  • Expected to achieve more with less


  • Customers pay for what they use
  • Become legally compliant and avoid audit fines
  • Re-harvest software in license pools
  • Avoid piracy and illegal application usage
  • Spread costs within the organization
September 2015:

Snow Software announces collaboration with Red Hat to help open source users optimize their software investments.

Snow achieves official Red Hat partner status, enabling Red Hat customers to use Snow license reports. ...


Red Hat SAM program helps organizations achieve primary goals:

  1. Lowering costs and streamlining procurement.
    • While under-subscribing systems increases risks of audits and issues with compliance, over-subscribing systems can create a significant impact on IT budgets.
    • Red Hat SAM program helps our customer to use their subscriptions more efficiently, leading to lower costs.
  2. Maintaining regulatory compliance.
    • Red Hat SAM offering helps track subscription assignments and contract expiration, which helps administrators manage both systems and software inventories in accordance with their regulatory policies and requirements.
  3. Simplifying IT audit-readiness.
    • Having a central and clear inventory of current subscriptions and systems, IT administrators can monitor and report on their infrastructure better.
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Since the launch of its subscription model, Red Hat has provided customers with Subscription Services and Tools so that they may realize the full value of their relationship with Red Hat. As customer usage patterns and IT architectures have evolved, new offerings have been released, and shifts in the overall landscape has occurred, Red Hat continues to build in value and evolve its subscriptions to best fit the needs of a changing environment.

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  • Identify the need for SAM services
  • Check internally if you have a SAM partner covering Linux
  • Contact your partner and ask for SAM services covering Linux
  • If you don´t have a SAM partner, choose one from our list
  • Work with your chosen partner to:
    • gain a full visibility of your own deployment
    • bring your environment to a fully compliant status
    • and create the necessary Policies and procedures to keep your IT environment secure for the future
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